Reliable Security

Project Cypher leverages the latest cybersecurity developments, a world class team of hackers and constant R&D to provide you with unparalleled cybersecurity offerings

Security Audits

By replicating real world attack scenarios, our team identifies, exploits and patches vulnerabilities across your digital assets. 

Security Products

Our suite of cybersecurity products include gamified corporate cybersecurity training, corporate data leak detection, digital signature and authentication tools and more

Security Training

We offer awareness and training campaigns for employees, alongside technical training for technical teams and developers


More Important than ever

  • As per the 2019 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report, almost 92% individuals reported as being fearful of their information being stolen/misused

  • ZDNet reported that it takes an average of 6 months for companies to notice a data breach

  • Symantec reported that out of staggering 1 Billion Web requests, 1 in 13 led to a Malware. 

  • In 2019 Google reported an average of 24,000 malicious apps being removed from its Play Store each day

  • Cybercrime Magazine predicted global losses caused by Cyber Crimes to reach an all time high of $6 Trillion by 2021

Penetration Tests Done

Critical Vulnerabilities

Products Developed

Employees Trained



We pride ourselves in investing heavily in Research and Development, and are proud to have launched three products to date


Crawls public and private data dump sites to verify if any of your corporate emails and credentials have been leaked


Enables authentication of documents shared internally and externally to ensure they have no been tampered with in transit


Use employee phones as a decentralized network to detect rogue wifis and evil twin attacks

Clients Worldwide

Project Cypher serves clients across the MEA region, France and the USA. With a multinational team, diverse backgrounds and experience across industries and sectors, Project Cypher is well positioned to deliver on projects and assignments across the world.

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