We prepare the topic as an engaging and interactive live hacking show that is easy to understand by those who are not that technical-minded – instead of the traditional dry and boring slide lectures. Your employees will see in real time how hackers can exploit them using the latest attack vectors.


Seeing is Believing

During a demo, our ethical hackers will perform live hackings. You’ll get to see just how easy it is to get hacked if you are not cautious. We set up 2 projectors/screens: the screen of the hacker and the screen of the person being hacked. We demonstrate how hackers operate, the latest tricks that are being used and what you should focus on to keep your data and systems secure.


We provide you advice on the selection of topics and work hand in hand with you to find the appropriate messages that need to be relayed. In addition to this, we also clarify the necessary technical requirements.


We bring our own hacking equipment and set it up at your location. The required technical conditions (e.g. two projectors, two screens, microphones, etc.) are clarified with you in advance.


After the event, let us know how you liked our presentation – because we are on a constant search for improvement!

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