Password reuse is one of the biggest weaknesses that hackers exploit to gain access to critical accounts. The main function of this application is to give the Security Team a detailed report about their user’s leaked passwords by parsing thousands of database dumps

Parse & Detect

Parse tens of thousands of data dumps and cross check with your corporate emails


Connect leaked credentials to past attacks that may have targeted your company

Alert & Report

Alert &Report whenever new leaks contain accounts related to your company

The Why

Password leaks affect almost everyone, so be prepared

Password re-use, alongside the use of professional emails to signup for a variety of services such as social media accounts exposes the employee, and de facto the company, to serious exploitation. With social media accounts leaked on a regular basis, or major database breaches of hotel guests accounts, it becomes almost a certainty that one of your employees credentials will be leaked and dumped on different forums.

With CypherLeak, we parse large amounts of data leaks across data dumps and alert you whenever one of your employee emails is involved.


235 million user records leaked

My Fitness Pal

150 million user records leaked


165 million user records leaked


153 million user records leaked

Intuitive Design

Simplify your asset discovery

Tag asset owners. Identify risks. Map network topology. Accelerate IR efforts. Find old hardware. Manage IP space.

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