Human errors are the root of most cyber incidents, and employees remain the weakest link in any organisation’s cyber defenses. Traditionally, cyber awareness is taught through seminars and online tutorials, leading to low retention and the feeling of having to complete a homework instead of actually building meaningful resilience. This is no longer the case with our interactive cypher awareness game!


Build a lasting cyber culture with an engaging and fun game with new scenarios every few months


Keep your employees engaged through competitive scoring, time limits and public leaderboards


Include your company branding in the game’s office layout to make it more personal and engaging

The Why

Employees are the weakest link in cybersecurity

Employee negligence is the main cause of data breaches, with IBM finding that human error was the cause of cyber incidents in 95% of the cases. This is even more worrying knowing that over 90% of all malware is delivered by email, making employees the target of choice for most hackers. Even with training, most organizations lack a proper cybersecurity culture because of the way cybersecurity awareness is delivered. It feels like a boring homework employees have to cross off the list. 

Games are known to be more engaging and leave the player with aa high retention rate of the content and challenges of the game. Cypheraware does exactly that: gamifying cybersecurity awareness and culture, and making employees excited to learn how to be resilient and secure.

With different flags in the game such as unattended Electronic Devices, Piggybacking at entrances, Visual Hacking, Catfishing, and many more, your employees are going to learn the basics of cybersecurity and will become your strongest link in building a lasting cybersecurity culture in the workplace and beyond!

Built on Unity

Passwords on Sticky notes

Piggybacking at entrance

Unattended workstations

ID left in public space

Phishing Emails

Trusting unknown USBs

Unattended confidential documents

… and more!

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