Business Email compromises are on the rise. Hackers are actively compromising companies in order to manipulate transfer requests through the impersonation of company executives, or through the manipulation of payment documents. With Cyphersign, verify and authenticate documents to make sure they have not been modified by malicious third parties.

Sign & Verify

Allow the user to sign and authenticate the signature of documents in a quick and efficient way

Physical Token

Even in the case of email or device compromise, no document can be signed without the physical token

The Why

Business Email Compromise is the new trend

During the last two years, we have seen a rise in attacks targeting financial institutions, especially hedge funds. Usually, the goal of the attacker is to manipulate the emails and documents in order to modify the transfer details (account numbers, amounts …) for financial profit.

Let’s suppose that the Purchase Officer wants to pay a contractor. To do that he should send a transfer document to the finance department to execute the financial transaction. A hacker who has access to the email address of the Purchase Officer (using a social engineering attack or otherwise), can craft a document based on past conversations and transactions and send it to the finance department for execution. From past cases, we have seen that  bank accounts that were added to manipulated documents usually are for entities and individuals in a country that does not have an extradition law and doesn’t disclose any banking information of end recipients, making it impossible to recover funds


$30.8 million in corporate cash transferred to fraudulent overseas accounts

Ubiquiti Networks

$46.7 million transferred to fraudulent accounts overseas


$54 million transferred to fraudulent accounts overseas


$3 million transferred to fraudulent accounts overseas

Intuitive Design

CypherSign doesn’t require technical expertise

The user friendly interface allows your staff, however technical or non technical they are, to use the platform to authenticate files or cryptographically sign documents with a few clicks. Include Cyphersign in your operational decision making process and you will help strengthen your company’s resilience against an attack vector that claims hundreds of millions of dollars in losses around the world!

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