Wifi attacks are an effective medium to target and exploit corporate settings by luring employees into connecting to malicious wifi sources that replicate trusted wireless access points. With Hive, turn employee phones into decentralized detection networks that ensure higher coverage and faster response.


Turn employee phones into malicious wifi detectors by downloading the app


Your decentralized detection network will flag any suspicious duplicate wifi


Once a malicious wifi is detected, it gets reported and connectivity is restricted

The Why

Evil Twins, and Man in the Middle Attacks

Criminals can easily set up fake WiFi access points, often using the name of the establishment in the SSID. A SSID called ‘Free Airport WiFi’ would be enough to get many people to connect. When customers or employees connect to these rogue WiFi networks they can still access the Internet, so are unlikely to realize anything is wrong. However, once connected to that network, everything they do online will be monitored by cybercriminals. Sensitive information entered online, such as email addresses and passwords, credit card numbers, or banking credentials, can and will be stolen.

Intuitive Design

Hive doesn’t require technical expertise

The user friendly interface allows your staff, however technical or non technical they are, to use the platform to safeguard corporate mobile devices from connecting to malicious SSIDs. Include Hive in your Mobile Devices Security policy and you will help strengthen your company’s resilience against an attack vector that claims hundreds of millions of dollars in losses around the world!

How Russian Spies Infiltrated Hotel Wi-Fi to Hack Victims Up Close

“The US Department of Justice charged hackers within the Russian military agency, GRU, with implementing Evil Twin access point (AP) attacks to pull sensitive data right out of the air. From the details provided so far, the Russian GRU members would park a car nearby target buildings from organizations including anti-doping agencies in Colorado, Brazil, Canada, Monaco, and Switzerland, the Westinghouse Electric Company’s nuclear power operations, the Spiez chemical testing laboratory in Switzerland, and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the Netherlands to perform their Evil Twin attacks.”

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